Programs & Education


CFEF’s financial education solution called MyStartingPoint is a scalable platform designed with an adaptive learning model to meet the needs of all individuals regardless of their financial background. The MyStartingPoint software uniquely provides the measurement capabilities necessary to evaluate and improve the individuals and communities we serve.

We focus on behaviors far beyond a user’s academic understanding of a financial subject (say, budgets or 401K plans) to the outcomes resulting from that increased understanding (whether or not the user actually employs a budget or enrolls in a 401K). This unique approach allows CFEF to provide underserved communities with the tools needed to begin, continue and complete an online financial literacy program that results in real behavioral change.

Financial Empowerment Workshops

Each month CFEF hosts a series of Financial Empowerment workshops in underserved communities across America. Workshops are tailored to fit the unique financial needs of our audience. We provide training in all areas of personal finance. Workshops typically last between two and three hours with time for individual counseling at the conclusion of each workshop. We offer training in both English and Spanish in an effort to further CFEF’s mission of promoting the importance of financial education across America. CFEF also strives to address the diversity of underserved communities needing help getting started or back on track financially.

The goal of these workshops is to engage participants to become better money managers by teaching important financial life skills. Each participant is given access to where they can continue their education long after the workshop is over.

Financial Education Advocacy

Through our network of policy makers, CFEF advocates on the importance of financial education in communities and schools across America. As financial products continue to become more sophisticated and consumers have access to credit in a variety of new ways, CFEF believes that support for early financial education is crucial to the success of America’s future. Personal finance education should be mandated by the federal government and taught in our nation’s schools at all grade levels. We work to ensure that policy makers are well-informed about the benefits of including financial education curriculums in public schools. CFEF challenges and advocates for each state to make personal finance part of the core curriculum.

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