There’s little doubt as to why our online financial education solution — MyStartingPoint — is so effective and impactful. MyStartingPoint is able to reach thousands of consumers and communities nationwide while offering a personalized educational experience that adapts to each individual’s financial situation. If it sounds innovative, it most certainly is.

Through this unique approach to education, MyStartingPoint directly contributes to improvements in an individual’s financial health and well-being. We are also able to help improve consumer access to financial products and services and do so in a responsible way. Through MyStartingPoint, an individual only earns access to a product or service once they have demonstrated that they understand how to use the product responsibly and have a well-defined need for that product.

MyStartingPoint creates these amazing personalized learning experiences and serves as a product safeguard by focusing on consumer behaviors. In turn, MyStartingPoint provides much needed personal context and relevance that is so often absent in the educational and decision making processes. This innovative approach contributes to the efficacy of CFEF’s programs and outcomes for individuals.

MyStartingPoint’s proven education approach includes three (3) areas of learning:

Financial Health Assessment – We know that effective education begins with a better understanding of the individual. Our financial health assessment is designed to spearhead our adaptive learning model and provide the most relevant content to the individuals who need it most.

Boot Camp Modules – We cover topics aligned with the core competencies recommended by the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability as well as the national standards for financial literacy.

Product Education – Embedded information about the products and services you provide to improve visibility with an engaged audience.

This exciting dimension of infusing financial education with measurable results has a profound impact on the efficacy of financial education, product education and broader community building efforts.

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